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Become BULLETPROOF To Everything That Life Throws At You....
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Join The Challenge NOW For A One Time Only Massively Discounted Price Of Just £57
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Please Tick ALL The Boxes Where Your Answer Is YES!
Have you tried everything to get in shape and nothing seems to work for you?
Are you unhappy with what you see when you look in the mirror when you're getting changed?
Is low confidence getting you down and getting the best of you?
Do you struggle for motivation and find it hard to stick to any kind of fitness or diet routine?
Do you want to get in shape BUT you don't want to give up your favourite foods or busy social life?
Are you stressed out, tired, low on energy and time?
If You Ticked ANY Of The Boxes Then You NEED The 30 Day Challenge
So, Here's How It ALL Works
You pay just £57 to join the 30 day challenge. This barely covers our running costs of the challenge (More info on what you get below)

I could easily have charged upwards of £300 for this programme BUT I didn't want to because I want to help as many people as possible become bulletproof and get in the best shape of their lives.

So rather than hiking up the price and making enough money to buy myself a Ferrari, I've decided to just cover our running costs so, ALL YOU PAY IS £57!

In Exchange For That Tiny £57 Investment, Here's Everything You Get:
  • 30 Days Of LIVE Workouts: Delivered Via Video For You To Follow Everyday - (£197 VALUE)
  •  8 LIVE Nutrition & Mindset Coaching Videos Delivered By Andy Graydon - (£197 VALUE)
  •  Personalised Nutrition Advice And Goals - (£97 VALUE)
  •  DAILY Accountability Check Ins - (£97 VALUE)
  •  BONUS 1: 4 LIVE Q&A Coaching Videos - (£159 VALUE)
  •  BONUS 2: Completion Meet Up, Includes Group Coaching Session AND Seminar - (£97 VALUE)
  •  BONUS 3: Access To Our Private, Members Only Inner-Circle - (£57 VALUE)
  •  BONUS 4: LIFETIME Access To Our Members Only Bulletproof Video Series - (£107 VALUE)
  •  BONUS 5: Behind The Scenes Interview With Top Nutrition Coach Adam Sutherland - (£57 VALUE)
Available To You Today For Just £57!
If You Want To Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life, Sky Rocket Your Confidence, Level Up Your Mindset AND Look And Feel Sexy Again?
Then You NEED To Become A Bulletproofer!

Here's The Deal
 You Have 30 Days To Level Up Your Life: Starting 15th July
I Only Have One Question For You...
Amigo, I get it.

You've slowly seen your weight creep up over the years, your clothes got tight but you pretended not to notice and just bought a bigger size. 

You want nothing more than to be the old you; skinny, happy and confident but weight loss is hard!
You've tried EVERYTHING but NOTHING seems to work for you, no matter what you do you just can't seem to lose the weight AND keep it off.

You've watched all your friends get in shape and you're wondering why you can't do it too. 

You've done everything; slimming world, weight watchers, weight loss shakes. Every different diet out there, you've tried it. Shit, maybe you've even spent a couple of hundred pounds on a personal trainer that was more interested in checking themselves out in the mirror than getting you results!

 You've spent HUNDREDS, if not THOUSANDS of your hard earned cash on trying to lose weight and where's it got you? 

NOWHERE! You're still in the exact same situation only now you're frustrated, now you're at the point of giving up. After all, the only thing that's lighter is your purse!

I get it, I honestly do. I've worked with HUNDREDS of ladies in the exact same situation as yourself, frustrated, feeling like they've tried everything, at the point of giving up.

Luckily for them, they came and joined my 30 day Bulletproof challenge and it completely changed their lives.

They FINALLY lost the weight they wanted to AND kept it off. More importantly the results that came with this weight loss are incredible. They're more confident, they wear whatever outfit they want (WITHOUT having to worry how they look in it), more energy, BETTER sex life (Yeah, you read that right!), the list goes on and on.

My GOAL for this challenge is to help you get to where they are now as quickly as possible BUT first, before we do that, let me ask you some questions below...

Need More Info Before You Make Your Decision...?
Let Me Give You Some More Detail On All The Aspects Of The Programme AND Then I'll Show You What Some Of The People That Have Already Been Through The Programme Have To Say...
The Core Of The Programme Is The 30 Days Of LIVE Workouts, Here's How It Works.
EVERY DAY of the 30 days a different, fun workout video will be uploaded for you to follow and complete at your own leisure at any point throughout the day.
We go through every step of the workout with you, so you'll receive ongoing support and motivation throughout the workout.
Upon completion of the workout you'll be required to confirm that you've completed the workout and passed that day of the challenge.
DON'T worry, the workouts start out easy and progressively get harder as your fitness levels improve. The workouts are suitable for all levels as everybody works at their own pace, however they're best suited to beginners.
DON'T worry again! You won't be required to do a super intense workout EVERY day of the programme, lighter days and rest days are scheduled in to allow you time to recover.
All the workouts are created so that you can do them at home with very minimal equipment.

The Personalised Nutrition Goals, Mindset And Nutrition Live Coaching Videos Support The Workouts So That You Can Achieve LIFE CHANGING Results
You'll be given personalised nutrition goals and advice from our in house nutritionist. Each goal is bespoke for your needs and requirements to ensure that you get the results you deserve WITHOUT having to give up your favourite foods or live off a boring diet of chicken and brocolli.

The mindset coaching calls are scheduled weekly to support you to increase your confidence, reduce your stress, sleep better and create your own happiness. Like I've been saying this whole thing isn't just about weight loss (Although you'll see the best results of your life) it's about a total mindset shift and helping you to become bulletproof to anything life throws at you.

BONUS #1: 4 Live Q&A Coaching Calls
This is your opportunity to get top level 1-2-1 mindset, nutrition and fitness coaching from Andy.
Whatever you're struggling with right now? Andy will help you overcome your obstacles and get back on track to smash your goals.
Whether you're struggling with something, have an obstacle, need motivation or just have a general question to ask. Andy will be there to guide you through the process and help you become bulletproof!
BONUS #2: Access To Our Members Only Inner-Circle
The support network within the 'Bulletproof Challenge' is second to none. Not only do you have a team of top level coaches keeping you motivated and accountable BUT you also have a whole bunch of like minded people on a similar journey to yourself, working towards similar goals. Everyone within the group helps keep each other motivated and on track, whilst answering each others questions and giving advice.
The inner circle is the heart of the 'Bulletproof Challenge' and soon you'll be a part of the bulletproof team!
BONUS #3: Meet Up, Coaching AND Seminar
Like I said, the community is what MAKES the bulletproof challenge so great. With that in mind I like to make sure that I get to meet every single one of you AND more importantly, you get to meet each other.
We like to celebrate the completion of the 30 day challenge in style. We're inviting you down the gym to meet the coaching team and all your fellow bulletproofers. Andy will lead a 60 minute group coaching session where you'll learn new techniques, get a sweat on and have FUN! Following this there will be a short break for the most important part: Coffee and food! 
After we've caffeined up Andy will host a 30 minute seminar where we'll talk through how to level up your mindset,  the mindset behind weight loss and you to progress and continue to get results after the 30 days are over.
BONUS #4: Lifetime Access To Our Members Only Bulletproof Video Series
Prior to this programme the cheapest way to get access to this video series would have cost you over £300!
Seriously, my business manager told me not to include it in this programme but I REALLY wanted you to have it so I eventually managed to convince him to let me add it in as a bonus!
The bulletproof video series is the foundation of our in gym bulletproof programmes. We talk through mindset tips and hacks, levelling up your life and how to live a bulletproof life.
BONUS #5: Behind The Scenes Interview With Top Nutrition Coach, Adam Sutherland
Adam VERY rarely does interviews or gives any of his knowledge away for free. IN FACT this occasion was no different. Despite the fact that we're friends I still had to pay Adam to take part in this interview with me. He only agreed after ALOT of persuading on my part. BUT he finally agreed to do this secret, behind the scenes, no holds barred interview with me. This interview will make you change your mind on anything you ever thought you knew about weight loss and diet. Not only is it super informative BUT it's also motivational as hell and it's going to light a fire under you.
Hear What Our Current Bulletproof Members Have To Say:
Mandy McKenna
"“It’s only been 3 weeks since I started training with Andy and the team but already I have lost 5kg and am feeling fitter. It’s a really welcoming programme which takes a holistic view of health and fitness and for the first time in a long time, I feel like I am going to be able to reach my goal weight.”
Rhona Lindsey
"I would highly recommend the Ag fitness programme. After 8 weeks Iv lost 6.3 kg, my posture is better and I am mentally feeling good. I’m also physically stronger and have gone from struggling to do a squat to being able to squat whilst holding a 30kg dumbbell and deadlifting 65kg. This is the first time that I have never been intimidated at a gym. It’s also the first time that I’ve enjoyed going to the gym. The entire Ag fitness team are very supportive and genuinely interested in your progress. I’m already starting to think about my new goals for the next programme."
The Bulletproof Challenge Is Different!
Most Programmes Leave You To Your Own Devices which ALWAYS ends in failure.
We Provide You With ONGOING Accountability And Support Via DAILY Check Ins To Ensure That You Do The Work And Do What You Said You'd Do.
  • Live Training EVERY DAY! - You'll be the fittest you've ever been
  • Expert Nutrition Advice - Supports the workouts to get you RESULTS
  • 8 LIVE Mindset Webinars​- Teaching you how to sky rocket your confidence and create your own happiness
  • Daily Accountability - To MAKE SURE that you do what you said you'd do
  • JAW DROPPING Results - Turn heads when you get in the best shape of your life
  • And So Much More...
Risk Free! The Challenge Comes With A
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
30 Day Money Back Guarantee! If you get to the end of the 30 days, complete all the workouts and follow all the advice given to you and for some reason you DON'T feel like you've got the results that you deserve? Then we'll issue you with a full refund, no questions asked.
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